“By working hard and working together we can make every neighborhood of Chicago safe, strong and affordable.”

Safe, Strong, Affordable Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are the heart of Chicago, where we live, raise families and work. But every neighborhood isn’t sharing in Chicago’s growth. In some places safety is an issue, for others it’s affordability, and for many it’s jobs. You can’t be a great, global city without great neighborhoods so my priority will be extending prosperity to every community in Chicago.

That starts with safety, rebuilding trust between police and the people they serve, using technology to help police, intervening directly with the young most people who are most at risk, and working with the community to address the issues that feed crime.

Highest on the list is jobs, which are plentiful in some places but not in others. Young people in every community must see adults going to and coming from work. They need opportunities for that first job that leads to the next one. They need a path into the middle class.

We have to help young entrepreneurs open new businesses and invest in the institutions that anchor communities: schools, colleges, hospitals, parks and government facilities.

We must keep neighborhoods affordable for people of all incomes by holding down taxes as much as possible and insuring a good mix of housing. That also means delivering on basic city services from paving streets and improving lighting to collecting garbage and trimming trees.

A strong and thriving Chicago works for everybody.